15 AWS & Python Courses: AWS Certified Solutions Architect, Practitioner, SysOps, Practice Tests & More

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$12.99- $14.99 Buy It Now

Popular courses by Neal Davis & Musa Arda at lowest price. Enjoy ūüôā
Prices might fluctuate anytime to $27+ (Udemy has wierd pricing system)

Python Рlast updated 06/2022

  1. A$12.99 Python Hands-On 46 Hours, 210 Exercises, 5 Projects, 2 Exams(udemy.com) PYTHON24

AWS Рlast updated 09/2022

  1. A$12.99 [19h 56m] AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional SAP-C01 2022 (udemy.com) AWSSEP22
  2. A$12.99 [150 questions] AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional Practice Exam(udemy.com) AWSSEP22
  3. A$14.99 [23h 16m] AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate SAA-C02+SAA-C03 (udemy.com) AWSSEP22
  4. A$13.99 [390 questions] AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Practice Exams (udemy.com) AWSSEP22
  5. A$14.99 [12h 18m] AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam Training [New] 2022 $11.99 (udemy.com) AWSSEP22
  6. A$13.99 [390 questions] AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner 500 Practice Exam Questions $10.99 (udemy.com) AWSSEP22
  7. A$12.99 [5h 5m] [EXAM REVIEWER] AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner CLF-C01 $9.99 (udemy.com) AWSSEP22
  8. A$13.99 [29h 12m] AWS Certified Developer Associate Exam Training DVA-C01 $10.99 (udemy.com) AWSSEP22
  9. A$13.99 [390 questions] AWS Certified Developer Associate Practice Exam Questions $10.99 (udemy.com) AWSSEP22
  10. A$13.99 [16h 3m] AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate 2022 [SOA-C02] $9.99 (udemy.com) AWSSEP22
  11. A$12.99 [260 questions] AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate Practice Exams $9.99 (udemy.com) AWSSEP22
  12. A$14.99 [7h 23m] AWS Networking Masterclass РAmazon VPC and Hybrid Cloud $12.99 (udemy.com) AWSSEP22
  13. A$12.99 [3h 57m] Learn AWS Identity Management with AWS IAM, SSO & Federation $9.99 (udemy.com) AWSSEP22
  14. A$12.99 [7h 59m] Introduction to Cloud Computing on AWS for Beginners [2022] $9.99 (udemy.com) AWSSEP22
  15. A$12.99 [2h 37m] AWS Business Essentials РThe Business Value of AWS [2022] $9.99 (udemy.com) AWSSEP22

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