Samsung 980 PRO SSD with Heatsink 2TB – Next-Level Performance and Heat Control

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$167.07 $233.90 Buy It Now
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$167.07 $233.90 Buy It Now

Upgrade your storage solution with the Samsung 980 PRO SSD with Heatsink. Designed for maximum performance and heat control, this SSD delivers exceptional speed and reliability for both gaming and demanding applications.

With its integrated heatsink, the Samsung 980 PRO effectively disperses heat to maintain speed, power efficiency, and thermal control. This feature prevents downtime caused by overheating, making it an ideal choice for PlayStation 5 (PS5) consoles and PCs.

Powered by an in-house controller specifically designed to optimize flash memory components and interface, the Samsung 980 PRO achieves maximum speed. Its PCIe 4.0 interface is twice as fast as PCIe 3.0 SSDs and a remarkable 12 times faster than Samsung SATA SSDs. Experience lightning-fast data transfer and significantly reduced loading times.

The Samsung 980 PRO with Heatsink offers a winning combination of sustained high-performance bandwidth and throughput. It is perfect for heavy-duty applications in gaming, graphics, data analytics, and more. Enjoy fully immersive gameplay and seamless multitasking without compromise.

Smart thermal control is a standout feature of the 980 PRO with Heatsink. Samsung utilizes its own nickel-coated high-end controller to deliver effective thermal control of the NAND chip. This ensures consistent performance and prevents performance drops due to overheating. You can confidently game on PS5 consoles and PC computers, knowing that your SSD is optimized for heat management.

This version of the Samsung 980 PRO SSD with Heatsink is available at the same price as the previous deal, but it includes the heatsink. For those wondering, yes, this SSD is compatible with PS5 consoles. Elevate your gaming experience and enjoy faster load times and smooth performance.

Upgrade your storage to the Samsung 980 PRO SSD with Heatsink and experience next-level performance, maximum speed, and exceptional heat control. Enjoy the benefits of faster data transfer, reduced loading times, and seamless gaming. Take advantage of this deal and enhance your gaming and data-intensive applications.

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