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$654.1 $1149 Buy It Now
Deal Score0
$654.1 $1149 Buy It Now

The post has been flagged as ‘Targeted’ by the moderators because obtaining the loyalty discount requires you to contact customer service, but it seems that everyone who has tried has been successful. The deal has been extended until May 4th, and there are additional ways to save even more money.

Here are the further stackable savings:

  • You can get a $50 voucher by signing up for the Samsung newsletter on their website.
  • You can also get a 10% loyalty code by emailing or calling 1300 362 603 and selecting option 9, then option 4 to explain that you want the loyalty discount. Note that the loyalty discount is 10% off the price after trade-in discounts and before the $50 newsletter voucher. Make sure to ask for the 10% loyalty bonus because of the trade-in; the 15% bonus will not stack.
  • If you decide to sell your old device on eBay instead of trading it in, you can still get the trade-in bonus by indicating that your device has a cracked screen during the trade-in process. This will result in a trade-in value of $1, but you will still receive the trade-in voucher.


  1. Download the Trade Up app on your trade-in device and indicate that the screen is cracked to receive the trade-in voucher.
  2. Obtain the newsletter and loyalty vouchers.
  3. Add the phone to your cart, which is where you can input the loyalty and newsletter vouchers. The trade-in bonus will not appear until the item is added to the cart.
  4. Buy the phone.
  5. Comment below to share your purchase and make me feel better about my own impulse buy of the S23 Ultra.

The cost of an S23 128GB phone after applying all the discounts is: ($1149 device cost [on sale currently] – $400 trade-in bonus) * 0.9 loyalty voucher – $50 newsletter + $30 non-return fee for trade-in device = $654.1

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